3 CI 011 Alex

About Me


My name is Alex and I live in Minas Gerais State which is located in the Southeast part of Brazil.

“Minas Gerais” means “General Mines”, so called because of the various mines in the area. Some still operate.

Main producer of coffee and milk in the country, Minas Gerais is also known for its heritage of architecture and colonial art in historical cities and its beautiful landscape.

On the air since 2010, I enjoy making friends on the air, working new countries and ordinary QSOs.

My modest station consists of a Cobra 148F GTL and a one element delta loop antenna.This little CB radio operates on AM and SSB mode and it has a built in frequency counter. It covers from 26 MHz to 29 MHz with an output power of 12 watts on SSB.

Alex had 42 QSOs in the month of january alone
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