30 CI 123 Juan

Comence en radio en 1989 a la edad de 13 años cuando mi padre me regalo una emisora Maxon Jopix 10 AM FM que a un conservo .Era una época en que la radio CB vivía su máximo esplendor y había un radio CB en cada casa.” Says Juan

On the air since he was a teenager, Juan is an experienced operator keying the mic from Yecla, which is a town and municipality in eastern Spain, in the extreme north of the autonomous community of Murcia.

Murcia is a region known for its beautiful coastline, its delicious Mediterranean food, and its fascinating cities.

Other than its stunning baroque architecture influenced by the diversity of the cultures through the history, the province is known as ‘la huerta’ (the market garden) of Spain for its fertile land.

Juan has worked and confirmed 160 + DXCC.

His working conditions consist of a Galaxy Saturn radio, a President Washington radio and a Yaesu FT 840 along with a 3 element Yagi beam and a 1 element Delta Loop.

Juan likes to chase long distance contact, he is a DXCC chaser =)

He also enjoys having a chat, so if you hear him on the band, give him a shout.