Activated by Maxi 4 CI 006

from Buenos Aires

Maxi’s working conditions consist of a Cobra GTL 140 radio, 100 W amplifier and a 2 element yagi antenna .

He will be on the air from time to time for a limited number of contacts, operating mostly on 27 515 (QRM, etc….permitting)

Standard contribution :

France : 2€ ou 2 timbres

OUTSIDE of France : $3 or 3 € (see our page “contributions”) Contributions – CHARLIE INDIA DX International

The City of Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic, located in the Southern Hemisphere of the American continent, at 34º 36’ S and 58º 26’ W.

The city lies on a plain covering 202 square kilometers, with a population of approximately 3 million. Together with the Metropolitan Area the population rises to over 10 million people, which makes it one of the 10 most populated cities in the world.

Buenos Aires has a mild climate and many sunny days a year.

Home of great poets, painters, musicians, and dancers, and with a rich history that is very much alive in the urban memory, the rhythm of culture is restless in a metropolis that is always open to new trends.

Known around the world as the capital of tango, its music and dance invades the scene, whether at the most sophisticated tango dance halls or the most popular neighborhood milonga.