In Memory of COLM

In Memory of our radio friend Colm 68 CI 480 who passed away in november 2021, all CI MEMBERS from 68 division are invited to take part and call with the special call 68 CI/COLM.

Following a suggestion from 68 CI 001 Geoff, Coordinator Northern Ireland, a S.E.S (special Event Station) will take place over 2 weekends in july .



  • Weekend 1: From  Saturday 9th of july at 00.01 GMT to Sunday 10th of july at  23.59 GMT.
  • Weekend 2: From  Saturday 16th of july at 00.01 GMT to Sunday 17th of july at  23.59 GMT.


WHO can use the Special call 68 CI/COLM ?  : ONLY CI  MEMBERS FROM 68 DIVISION.

Operators from 68 division call on 27 555 and then QSY. (No QSO on 27 555)


Operators from 68 division must keep a log, containing the following information : date, time, frequency and R/S (radio report) for each contact. NO progressive number is allocated, only “IN THE LOG“.

The same QRZ can only appear once in your log for the entire duration of the event (multiple entries will not count), ie : you cannot log the same station twice.


  • Each contact made within 68 division is worth 1 point.
  • Each contact made outside 68 division is worth 2 points.


  • The first operator (highest score)  will win a special prize generously sponsored by Geoff 68 CI 001, coordinator Northern Ireland.
  • Everyone who takes part in this special event will qualify for an  E award certificate.

EQSL card :

Stations that you have logged can request an ELECTRONIC confirmation at charlieindiadx@gmail.com.