Activations Rules

1-All activations must be submitted for approval to CI-HQ.

2-CI-HQ must be informed and provided with the details of the activation : date, operator, location, working conditions, etc...

3-It is compulsory to print a QSL card for DXCC activations and IOTA (Island On The Air) activations.
The following activities can be confirmed either via PAPER QSL card OR ELECTRONIC QSL CARD :
           -COTA : Castle On The Air
           -SOTA : Summit On The Air
           -LOTA : Lighthouse On The Air
           -POTA : Park On The Air
           -IWI :  Iland Water Island
           -WWFF : World Wide Flora and Fauna
           -SES : Special Event Station

4-All QSL cards designs must be approved by the CI-HQ.

5-Proofs of the activation have to be provided to CI-HQ :
  photos, GPS, videos, travel documents, etc..