Become a CI member

1 - CHARLIE INDIA DX is a NON PROFIT making group.
     Dxing is NOT a business, it is a hobby : we will never ask you for any fee or sponsorship.

2 - CHARLIE INDIA members are expected to be polite and act with courtesy on air :

     respect other operators and other groups, use the international call frequency (27555) and then QSY, do not cause QRM.

3 - We accept and we will help beginners because nobody was born with a microphone.

4 - We do not accept CALLSIGNS COLLECTORS.

5 - CHARLIE INDIA members who are not using their CI callsign AND have not responded to our email after a year, will be automaticaly DELETED from the CI directory.

6 - Directors and coordinators have to be 100 % CI = they cannot be a member of another group.

7 - CHARLIE INDIA members are free to use Electronic QSL cards or paper QSL cards or both.
    Any personal design must be approved by the CI-HQ.

8 - Activations have to be confirmed by a PAPER QSL card, EXCEPT S.E.S (Special Event Station) and FLORA and FAUNA activities. (Refer to our page « activation rules »).

9 - The CI-HQ can sponsor activations because they keep the 11m band alive and provide opportunities for the radio communauty to work NEW divisions.

      To obtain sponsorship, you must submit your activation project to the CI-HQ.

10 - It is not compulsory to take part in CI contests or CI challenges. It is not compulsory to run an activation.

       We only offer these opportunities to keep our hobby alive and provide some fun for radio operators.

Submit your application form only if you are going to use your CI callsign