Flora and Fauna radio activities

What does it consist of ?

Flora and Fauna radio activities consist of activating a regional or national park, national or territorial forest, a natural reserve, a marine park, a biosphere reserve, a coastal conservation site, etc, etc….

The aim is to promote the protection of the Fauna and flora and more generaly to take part in preserving our natural environment by activating a site on the radio.

How to activate ?

The station (radio and antenna) has to be located WITHIN the protected area, which means that it is an OUTDOOR activation = A PORTABLE activation.

Though, if your PERMANENT residence is located WITHIN the protected area, activating from your home QTH is permitted.

(you will have to prove that your home QTH  is located within the reference that you activate).

Your call is   YOUR DIVISION + CI/ the refererence of the activation, example : 104 CI/FF0083

It is compulsory to keep a log mentioning the  QRZ of the contact + the date, time, frequency, mode and radio report of the contact.

The stations that you log are “IN THE LOG” = giving a progressive number is NOT required.

To be valid, your log and proofs of your activity have to be sent to the CI-HQ at the end of your activation.

HOW and WHERE can I find the list of references ?

We refer to the “THE WORLD WIDE FLORA AND FAUNA IN AMATEUR RADIO ” organisation  for seeking a reference.

 Here is the link to the website https://wwff.co/.

 If you cannot find the place that you are looking for, please contact us, we will try to help you.

HOW do I confirm a contact ?

 With the aim of being friendly  to the environment  CHARLIE INDIA FAUNA AND FLORA activations will  be confirmed by ELECTRONIC QSL CARD ONLY.

This way, by not using any ink and paper for printing purposes, we will help preserve the environment.