From the 1st of june to the 18th of june

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of the CHARLIE INDIA DX group with us and work the HB5 stations on the air


Please use the SPECIAL electronic QSL card that you have received by email for confirming your contacts.


50 stations in the log and you qualify for an E BRONZE certificate

100 stations in the log and you qualify for an E SILVER certificate

200 stations in the log and you qualify for an E GOLD certificate + international PAPER QSL cards posted to your personal address.

Good luck to everyone !


Here is the list of CI SPECIAL EVENT STATIONS on the air :

1 CI 015/HB5 Ugo

1 CI 150/HB5 Fabio

1 CI 983/HB5  Pasquale

1 CI 1216/HB5 Paolo

10 CI 010/HB5 Ricardo

11 CI 001/HB5 Tito

12 CI 001/HB5 Roberto

13 CI 101/HB5 Ralf

14 CI 025/HB5 Vincent

14 CI 062/HB5 Jean Claude

14 CI 065/HB5 Didier

14 CI 101/HB5 Olivier

14 CI 193/HB5 Christophe

26 CI 111/HB5 Julian

26 CI 139/HB5 Gez

29 CI 114/HB5 Sean

30 CI 101/HB5 Miguel

30 CI 555/HB5 Patxi

44 CI 016/HB5 Barry

45 CI 120/HB5 Zdenko

45 CI 777/HB5 Vlasto

67 CI 097/HB5 Eduardo

68 CI 001/HB5 Geoff

68 CI 017/HB5 Jamie

68 CI 999/HB5 Darren

104 CI 101/HB5 Roy

104 CI 102/HB5 Syl

161 CI 010/HB5 Aureliusz

Work 5 HB5 stations and receive a BRONZE E award certificate

Work 10 HB5 stations and receive a SILVER E award certificate

Work 15 HB5 stations and receive a GOLD E award certificate

Send your LOG to charlieindiadx@gmail.com