Vic 26 CI 053

On the air since 1979, Vic is a very experienced operator.

He is an enthusiastic operator always enjoying a ragchew with his mates from all around the world.

His QTH is located on the Isle of Wight which is known for its mild climate and beautiful scenery, especially on the coast.

The little island is only two to five miles off the coast of Hampshire in the south of England. Referred to as ‘The Island’ by residents, the island has resorts that have been popular holiday destinations since Victorian times.

Vic started  on AM CB in 1979 and moved rapidly to SSB mode with a Superstar 360.

One night, while he was Dxing, he was approached by a Ham operator who advised him to get a ham licence.

After passing the test of the B licence with success in 1981, Vic studied and practiced morse code on his own to get the full licence in 1984.

Vic is active on all bands and this gentleman does not forget where he comes from “My roots are 11 m and I am active whenever the band is open” says Vic.

Vic ‘s present working conditions consist of a Yaesu FT 991A, a Yaesu FT 818, a CRT Superstar 9900,

along with a Thunderbolt 5/8 vertical antenna and an end fed long wire

When he is not in his shack, Vic prolongs the enjoyment of holding a  the microphone through another one of his hobbies which is Karaoke, always in the company of his lovely lady.

His latest hobby is paddle boarding, which looks like an easy activity but those who have tried it  know that it is not as easy as it looks.

Good luck with your activities Vic !

Always a pleasure to meet you on the air.